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Ponti and Zoncada were awarded the group of lounges on the promenade deck; Pulitzer Finali the boat deck; Antonio Cassi Ramelli (assisted by his colleagues Ettore Rossi and Enrico Parenti) the vestibule, staircases and dining room; Giulio Minoletti the lidos with swimming pool of all three classes. In cabin 46, Colonel Walter Carlin had been in the bathroom brushing his teeth at the time of the collision and miraculously survived, while his wife Jeanette was killed. Free shipping. 1953, December 16th: the Andrea Doria makes the first of a few calls at Lisbon while outbound to the United States. On the 30th January 1953, amid a tangle of streamers, the toasts of the guests on the open decks and the alternating music of the ship's band and the one on pier 84, a large crowd waved “arrivederci” to the lucky 559 passengers of what would prove the Andrea Doria’s only Caribbean cruise. One deck below on the Foyer Deck, near the first class entrance, Ferdinand Melly Thieriot, circulation director of The San Francisco Chronicle, along with his wife Frances, were killed, as their suite was in direct line of Stockholm’s bow. Twenty were created with a Carrozzeria Fontana removable aluminum hardtop. In 320 pages it describes every aspect of the ship with an abundance of detail. With Jane Russell, Jeff Chandler, Dan Duryea, Mara Corday. Betsy Drake was in her cabin, in bed and reading. The importance assumed by the cheapest class in the transatlantic tourist traffic since the 'Thirties led on the Andrea Doria to simple, but fully-fledged and comfortable facilities; indeed many cabins had such a high standard that they were interchangeable and could be sold as Cabin Class in case of need. In the direct line of Stockholm’s bow on the upper deck were cabins 52 and 54, which were occupied by Camille Cianfarra, a longtime foreign correspondent for The New York Times, his wife Jane, their eight-year-old daughter Joan and 14-year-old Linda Morgan, Jane’s daughter from her previous marriage to American journalist Edward P. Morgan. 5x12". All pictures - if not otherwise credited in the watermark - are from the archives of Maurizio Eliseo. The view point. The boat pulled away before Ruth could climb in. The final choice of the shipping company was to distribute the First Class public spaces of the Andrea Doria between all those who had participated to the competition. on the front page of “Il Corriere della Sera” dated 27th July 1956, in the aftermath of the sinking, off the cost of New York, of the Andrea Doria, flagship of the Italian transatlantic fleet, the pride of a nation and considered by many, not only in Italy, one of the most beautiful liners built after the Second World War. A day in Jamaica, with plenty of rivers, waterfalls, lush vegetation and white beaches, allowed the Andrea Doria passengers to spend a few hours of total relaxation before reaching, on the 12th February, for a 48 hours stopover to visit and enjoy the Cuban capital. The Dining Room Of The Italian Liner "Andrea Doria" Circa 1955 Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images Illustration of passengers being waving on deck. The walls of the card room were characterised by vertical panels in vinyl leather (a new material at the time), the ceramic legs of the tables were the work of Fausto Melotti while the walls featured a large panel in embossed copper by Ettore Calvelli and Attilio Nani; a second similar artwork was placed in the adjoining library, on the sliding door that covered the bookshelves. During the years immediately after the Second World War, there was a distinct change in the way ocean liners and sea travel were advertised as a result of many factors, mainly related to the changes brought about by the hostilities, which, in some ways, cut the twentieth century in two. At 8:15 am on the 7th January, the Andrea Doria was back in Genoa where, while waiting for her first departure for New York, she was open for visits by the authorities and citizens. The area of Andrea Doria’s hull where Stockholm’s bow penetrated encompassed five passenger decks. For instance, a small convoy of lorries would welcome her arrival. It was perhaps during her time in port that one could best gain an impression of the sheer scope and efficiency of the organisation involved. The Italian liner was launched in 1951, three years after the Stockholm. One of the first pictures made from surface shows the Andrea Doria going down July 26th 45 miles south of Nantucket Island. The Andrea Doria was the result of a true national enterprise, the objective demonstration that Italians would not spare any effort to, MAIDEN VOYAGE: Genoa - New York  14/01/1953, FATE: Rammed on the 25th July 1956 by the Swedish motorship Stockholm off Nantucket. All Rights Reserved. The neighbouring spaces (writing room, card room and veranda Belvedere) had a similar style and the division between them was made of large glass doors which at night could be all opened to use the whole area as a night club. Other fine examples of stylistic continuity and applied art to be found on board the Andrea Doria were the three swimming pools with their adjoining verandahs, bars and lidos. Noon Apr. A number of brand new Spyders destined for the USA were lost on the ill-fated ocean liner Andrea Doria, which contributes to the model’s low survival rate: perhaps 150 … The ship exceeded 62,200 HP with an average speed of 26.44 knots over the measured mile. She took son, nanny, and life vests, and ditched her high heels to climb to the upper deck. The ballroom, on the other hand, had walls made of square parchment panels and a dance floor in walnut parquet; the main artwork was a large mural painting by Felicita Frai. About a thousand tickets had been sold for the cruise, including 400 in Tourist Class offered at a reduced price by ENAL (the Italian state institute for the after-work activities) to those who had contributed to the construction of the ship; there were also sixty special reporters of the International press. When the Andrea Doria sank, seven examples went down with the ship. Adjacent to this space was located the ballroom, dominated by another large mural: "The Feast of Neptune" by Piero Zuffi. Jane was seriously injured but was rescued by some other passengers, among them Dr. Thure Peterson, who had been next door in cabin 56. They would be laden with about 90. tons of provisions which would be taken on board before each voyage. In July 1956, the SS Andrea Doria sank on the last night of its voyage from Italy to New York City. Many passengers cut the evening short to get some sleep before the early morning docking in New York. A little after 11 p.m., MS Stockholm, leaving New York for Sweden, accidentally rammed the Andrea Doria. She was expected here at 9:30 A.M. today at the Forty-fourth Street Hudson River pier. This botched fleet was very far from the splendour of the Rex, and so to the Ansaldo shipyard of Genoa, which had launched her twenty years before, was given the task of building a worthy successor on the most prestigious of all the routes. For the Italian company this was a welcome revival of the glamorous days of their pre-War splendour, marked by legendary liners such as Rex or the Conte di Savoia. On the night of July 25, 1956, a collision between the ocean liners SS Andrea Doria and MS Stockholm killed 51 people and prompted one of the largest civilian maritime rescues in history. During the same eastbound crossing in April 1954, during which the controversial US ambassador was travelling to Italy, Geraldine Brooks was also on board; she was particularly known to the Italian public for having starred in “Challenge to Lassie” with Vittorio Gasman. 1952, December 9th: at 7 am the Andrea Doria sailed for her speed and delivery trials; on board there were Federico Barbieri and Giuseppe Rosini (respectively President and CEO of Ansaldo), Carlo Linch (President of the Italian Line) and the surveyors of the Italian, British and American classification societies. At 3:30 pm the tugs approached the Andrea Doria which, with three long blasts of her siren, warned visitors and friends of the passengers to disembark the brand-new vessel, which was freshly painted, pervaded by the typical smells of a new ship and dressed overall for the occasion. Anthony Sergio had, in fact, sailed to the United States from Italy aboard Andrea Doria the previous April. Angelina Grego, a 48-year-old, broke her back after falling into one of Ile de France’s lifeboats. The jet age was on the horizon, as was the age of instant media coverage for such events, with all its sensationalism and cruel lack of privacy for victims. She dressed, grabbed a life vest, and headed for the upper deck. by Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2008 . 26 Noon Oon May 19 Noon May 24 Noon May 31 Noon June 10 June … Among the distinguished guests on board there were also the ship's godmother, Mrs Saragat, the Marquis Andrea Doria and his wife and a number of executives of the shipping industry, including the president of the French Line, M. Jean Marie. The architectural assignment for furnishing the Andrea Doria was determined by a competition between designers invited by the Italian Line, similarly to what happened with other post-War liners. Mar 23, 2017 - Explore john erdmann's board "andrea doria", followed by 174 people on Pinterest. Launched in 1951 she began service in 1953 for the Italian Line (Societa di Navigazione Italia). Posted by: Michael L. Grace January 5, 2019. In addition, the rapid development of photographic art, especially in colour, led to the gradual extinction of a profession, the illustrators and portraitists of passenger liners; before the conflict virtually all the advertising material published by shipping companies was characterised by impressive illustrations of the ship, not only from outside, but also inside, with evocative and usually exaggerated perspectives of public rooms and cabins as well as idyllic scenes of life on board. Safe recovered from the SS Andrea Doria is photographed August 16, 1984 at the Brooklyn Aquarium in Brooklyn, New York. Luxury in a bygone era: The Andrea Doria's dining room is seen in this 1955 file photograph. With sensitivity mixed with perhaps Gallic elan, the captain ordered all the festive lights on the ship turned on so that the Doria survivors could see the name lit up between its two funnels, ILE DE FRANCE, suddenly piercing the black night. 1955. The service on board was the best which one could possibly expect at that time, thanks to almost perfect organisation, among the best in the international world of hospitality, overseen by the hotel director. The original painting by Giovanni Patrone realised in 1952 to illustrate the early posters and postcards devoted to the ship (Paolo Piccione collection, Genoa). A little after 11 p.m., MS Stockholm, leaving New York for Sweden, accidentally rammed the Andrea Doria. The SS Andrea Doria was a flagship 6 Noon April 9 Apr. Rammed on the 25th July 1956 by the Swedish motorship Stockholm off Nantucket, If you wish to see this article completely please, It was perhaps during her time in port that one could best gain an impression of the sheer scope and efficiency of the organisation, involved. They would be laden with about 90 tons of provisions which would be taken on board before each voyage. Cannes, Naples and Gibraltar, from where she left at13:45 on the 20th July; 1956 July 25th: at 11:11 pm, local time, in position LAT40°30'N, LONG69°53'W she was rammed off Nantucket by the Swedish liner Stockholm and sank at 10:09 am on the next day. See more ideas about andrea doria, andrea, italian cruises. In a way, the Andrea Doria tragedy seemed a portent to the end of elegant travel. In both he used a classic but always beautiful theme, very popular in the 'Thirties: the great bow, tall and tapering, challenging the skyscrapers of Manhattan. his July 25 marks the 60th anniversary of the Andrea Doria's sinking The debate about the cause of collision between the Andrea Doria and the Stockholm has been going on since the crash took place in 1956. convinced the U.S. Government to support a rapid reconstruction of the Italian merchant marine which had been devastated by the conflict and which was indispensable for the renaissance of the whole country. A certificate signed by Captain Calamai and recording the participation in the maiden cruise of the Andrea Doria; it was given to the passengers at the end of the voyage. Class, all designed by Longoni; the main lounge had walls lined in pickled cherry with vertical insets in polished maple and elements in gold-zed aluminium. Local boats approach the Andrea Doria at Gibraltar to sell souvenirs to the passengers; the goods were taken on board using straw bags tied to a rope and the items purchased were replaced with banknotes lowered in the same bags. The shore excursion programme during the first cruise of the Andrea Doria. On A-Deck, eleven passengers, consisting of ten women and one elderly clergyman, were all killed. Betsy Drake joined the voyage at Gibraltar, where she left her husband Cary Grant making a movie in Spain. 1955. A return trip to New York embarked on October 15, 1955, from Genoa. The dining rooms, of all three classes, were placed low down in the ship, on the vestibule deck. Listing ship Andrea Doria in waters off Nantucket. 1949 December: contract placed; registered by public act by the Genoese notary Luigi Cassanello on the 28th February 1950. On the decks below, titled A, B and C Decks, the loss of life was greater, as it was the location of several sections of tourist-class cabins. Betsy Drake was an actress and writer who in the 1950s introduced her then-husband, Cary Grant, to LSD, endured his infatuation with Sophia Loren and survived the sinking of the Andrea Doria … the Andrea Doria became a favourite with the International transatlantic travellers until the tragic evening of the 25th July 1956 when, just a few hours from her arrival in New York, the Italian liner was rammed and sunk by the Swedish ship Stockholm which, owing to an error of her commanding officer, was travelling at full speed at night in the fog in the wrong direction, occupying the lane reserved for westbound ships. Italian Line officials were especially proud of her safety features. The loading of fresh vegetables on the Andrea Doria during one of her calls; the passenger ship was an economic resource for the many suppliers and chandlers required to refill her food provisions journey after journey. still today's most popular tropical resorts among Americans, calling first at Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands, then at San Juan de Puerto Rico and at Fort de France in Martinique; in the early morning of the 6th February, the Andrea Doria entered the port of Willemstad, Curaçao, the Dutch colony. SS CAP ARCONA – The “GERMAN TITANIC” – 5000 dead! In all, six first-class passengers lost their lives. Betsy Drake’s cabin on the Boat Deck shook. Corsica for the shake-down of her machinery and the measurement of vibration and noise. Built for Safety. See more ideas about andrea doria, liner, ocean. The SOS sent by the Andrea Doria put into motion the greatest sea rescue in history. Among the most heart-wrenching of the losses was that of Maria Sergio and her four children, 13-year-old Giuseppe, 10-year-old Anna Maria, seven-year-old Domenica, and four-year-old Rocco, who occupied a cabin on the starboard side of C Deck which was in direct line of the collision. Ambruso Family send off of Frank & Rose Iula on the Andrea Doria, 1955. Christmas on board was a remarkably hot day that had populated the three pools; it seemed incredible that just two days at sea from Genoa, heading towards the south-western area of the Mediterranean, the climate was virtually summer. The newsreels of the time show, with great enthusiasm, the footage of the first sailing from Genoa of the new flagship Andrea Doria on the 23th December 1952 for her first cruise ever, saluted by a large crowd. and writing room, the Main Lounge and the ballroom. 1952, December 6th: drydocked in the port of Genoa, for the weighing, the inclining test (for the stability control), the cleaning and final painting of the hull. When the Ile De France entered New York Harbor on the 26th, other boats blew whistles in tribute, and cheers rose up from the crowds gathering on the piers. She was traveling aboard Andrea Doria with her children on her way to South Bend, Indiana, where her husband, Ross Sergio, and their 17-year-old son Anthony, were waiting for them. The re-start of migration caused by the shortages of the postwar period, the loss of many of the great and magnificent liners in service in the 'Thirties and of their public of aficionados, brought about a change of style in the art of publicity. to the motherland the many commodities needed by the nation. Their 13-year-old son Peter, who occupied a cabin further down the corridor, survived. MS STOCKHOLM RAMS THE ANDREA DORIA. She was born thanks to a tough diplomatic action by the first Italian post-War Prime Minister Alcide De Gasperi; he. Ruth Roman ran from the lounge to get to her son and ripped her form-fitting dress up the back so she could move better on the stairs that were already lurching at a treacherous angle due to the listing of the ship. (Italian) "Especially if you're going for Pleasure". There was no element in the room (including telephone and toilet lid) that was not covered by the signs of the zodiac. The first formal portrait of the Andrea Doria, needed for posters and postcards, was entrusted to Giovanni Patrone, by the 'Fifties an established collaborator of the Italian Line, who had recently also contributed similar acrylic paintings on panel of the Conte Biancamano, Conte Grande, Giulio Cesare and Augustus. Winning US Bidder pays Shipping and Handling costs shown in the auction. The coexistence of these two "illustrative systems" is well depicted by the publicity campaign organised in the United States and titled "These men have built a ship" where, before for the liner was completed and therefore "photographable", the hand-made illustrations depict various craftsmen at work on the outfitting of the ship; weavers, potters, cabinet makers, glass blowers… In the same campaign there is also an aerial stern-view of the Andrea Doria, dressed overall and crossing an enchanted bay flanked by gardens full of flowers recalling a corner of the Riviera.

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