Alessandro Baldoni

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The life and works of Alessandro Baldoni


His own story

Alessandro Baldoni lives in Bocca di Magra (Spezia), a pleasant haven of serenity and beauty for artists and poets, where blue dominates in all its shades, surrounded by the green of Caprione or the intense blue of the Apuan Alps. At times, blue gives way to stormy, leaden skies that tower above the earth, alternating with a mother-of-pearl light that reflects in the river and the sea. Turner's skies. Dramatic skies. It is difficult to remain insensitive when nature offers so much, to resist the desire to capture a sensation or a vision, an emotion that arises from within, that grows and mutates together with our being.


Alessandro Baldoni, son of this land, captures a world that is broader than the reality that surrounds him. He seeks to reproduce a version of it perceived according to the attention that is placed on it, but filtered by the mood of the moment, like the rebellion of the eye or of the mind to focus instead on an emotion, on some immediately preceding thought: thus, real images form the basis for images formed in the mind as memories, like in a blurry photograph.


His paintings

Baldoni only recently decided to exhibit his work in public. He integrates consumer materials such as Forex, an expression of a contemporary world that allows the use of space to access the unconscious through emotion, like the traditional canvas. The result is a modern yet sensitive, attentive kind of painting that suggests thoughts and emotions and invites you to linger.


It is experimental painting – though not devoid of a personal aesthetic – which explores different expressive modes because, even though it originates from concrete places and from life itself, it is filtered through the personality of a contemporary human being.


I paint out of physical necessity, the need to colour thought and to communicate in the universal language of silence. To immortalise a perception, a vision. Common to all my work is the ambition to make each painting a safe place to take refuge in, to investigate the most fragile of intimacies. At the moment, I’m working with ink on deformed Forex to recall the image of the “flyer”, which becomes a metaphor for a reality in which everything appears fast, with little attention to detail and quickly forgotten. In this context, I hide suggested figures and emotions amongst the colours. At the same time, I am developing a personal technique for oil painting on Forex (PVC)..


1. 2018
TALVOLTA SIAMO VISTI DA CIÒ CHE VEDIAMO collettiva internazionale d’arte contemporanea


1. 2018
PERSONALE - Castello di Ameglia

Collettiva d'arte - Villa Mazzotti - Chiari (BS)

Collettiva internazionale d'arte contemporanea- "Bunker " Villa Caldogno (VI)
2. 2019
Humans" mostra d'arte contemporanea _SanLorenzo Arte galleria_ Poppi (AR)

- Airopen 2019_ collettiva internazionale d'arte contemporanea_Air Gallery_ Manchester

- "Counter/Balance"_ArtCan open 2019_collettiva internazionale d'arte contemporanea_ Trinity Art gallery_ Londra

-Premio Artrise 2019_ collettiva d'arte _ Open Art Gallery_ Ivrea (TO)